Bishop Dockery was raised in South Sacramento by a single mother. Considering the plight of most young men in this environment, he beat the odds. He graduated from High School and went on to College, gaining a Master of Arts Degree from Liberty University (concentration in Church Leadership). He was never incarcerated or had a probation or parole officer. He was not unemployed or under employed. He became an over achieving Law abiding citizen in that environment through the shear will determination of his God fearing Christian mother and the safety net provided by his church.

In 1986, at age 18, he accepted “God’s call to the ministry” He began to preach in 1987. Five years later, he was appointed as Youth Pastor at Greater Christ Temple (GCT) By Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth Sr. He was appointed Senior Pastor after Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth passed in 2008. He was so well accepted by local and national organization that he was appointed provisional Bishop Elect in 2010 and he was elevated to the office of a Bishop in 2011.

In a parallel secular life he was employed by the State Of California in 1995. He transferred to the State Department of Corrections in 1999. As a Correctional officer he rose steadily up the ranks to conflict Resolution Specialist and finally to his last position a Gang Intelligence Specialist. He retired from Civil Service in 2009 – to become full time Pastor and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of Greater Christ Temple. He willingly gave up the security of a Civil Service position just 5 years from retirement, placing the future and security of his family (wife, Lady Dollye Dockery and two children) in the hands of God . In these troubled economic times this represents Bishop Dockery’s strong belief in faith being more important than worldly security.

Bishop Troy D. Dockery, Sr. is not only the Senior Pastor of GCT, he also is the CEO of GCT’s Community Services:

» Educational Services:

Sister Diane’s Day Care, Dr Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. Charter School, Inc., President, and the GCT Sunday School Director of Training. Also emerging is the GCT Bible School and Seminary, total enrollment in all departments over 400 with credentialed and support staff, and volunteers, exceeding 75.

» Social Services:

Bishop Dockery is an advocate for the disenfranchised , marginalize and hurting populations in our community.. Bishop Dockery provides consultation and support to Mary Magdalene Community Services a broad based Community Based Organization that works with minority and economically disadvantaged members of our community. This CBO provides court ordered parenting classes, mental health case management , mental health outreach and engagement, health related workshops and programs to make our communities social and health services available to all.

» Prison Ministry:

Under Bishop Dockery’s leadership, he commissioned two Elders of the church and volunteers to serve 6 correctional facilities. GCT offers faith based self help and survival skills training conducted in local jails and state prisons.

» Food for Families in Need:

On Wednesday’s free bags of food is given to the families and persons in need. GCT has three part time Deacons and many volunteers to pick up, sort and bag food for disadvantaged families.

» Homeless and Shelter Outreach:

One part time pastor and several volunteers visit and minister the homeless and in shelters on a regular basis. Food, clothing and referrals to other resources are also given through this ministry. Sunday worship and weekly Bible studies are conducted, hundreds are helped each year.

» Small Church Assistance Program:

Two part time associates Pastors provide training and workshops in Church Board Development, Fund Raising Skills, Grant Writing and Construction/Remodeling options. In the last two years this program has assisted 9 churches to obtain 501c3 status, develop boards, plan and construct buildings and remodel others. This program has assisted churches in raising hundreds of thousand of dollars in Finances and donated property and supplies.

» Helping Pastors in Crisis’s – Pilot Project:

In this program’s first year in operation one pastor was returned to his pulpit, one left his church and one became a Deacon in his church. Currently four ministers are receiving directed therapy and counseling. All are on prescription medicine. We are hoping to return all four back to their pulpits when medically approved.

Bishop Troy Dockery Sr., Th. B., Pastor
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