E2W Booking Request

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Bishop Dockery is so appreciative when he is considered to be one’s guest speaker for their event. When he is a guest speaker, he does not request a specific honorarium amount for his services; however, a donation is expected. We believe that a Ministry of your caliber will be fair and generous.

Any and all checks or donations should be made payable to:

Your donations will help Bishop Dockery to continue to be of service to the body of Christ.


Bishop Dockery’s office can make his own travel and Hotel arrangements if so desired. If traveling by air, Bishop prefers DELTA AIRLINES, because of his travel sky miles. We only ask that you consider his travel, hotel and food allowance when giving your honorarium or donation to his ministry. All reimbursements can be combined into one check. All checks should be made out to Empowered 2 Win Ministries, Inc.


Bishop Dockery is not a difficult person to deal with in regards to his choice of beverages. However, if asked, Bishop would prefer any flavor of cranberry, cranapple etc. would be fine. Gatorade or just plain bottled water would also suffice. It is not Bishop’s desire to place any burden or any inconveniences upon the ministry.

Thank you for considering Bishop Dockery and the Empowered 2 Win Ministries to serve you.